Sunday, September 13, 2015

Seattle, WA | Travel Photographer

With all of the travel that I am fortunate to be able to do for my job, I try to post my travel photography here relatively soon after it occurs. However, sometimes certain photos slip through the cracks, and it turns out that these from Seattle are on that list! I took these just over 2 years ago, and only recently had the chance to finish editing them and posting them here. Despite the time delay, I still wanted to share as it was nice for me to go back and see them again after so long! Also, even though I think I have grown as a photographer in the past 2 years, these didn't come out too badly - and Seattle is a very pretty city.

I of course took many photos of the Seattle Space Needle; here's one of my favorites.
 Just next to the Space Needle is the EMP Museum. My colleague and I did not go through the inside, but the outside is so very cool and colorful, even on an overcast day like we had.


 Down by the water is a beautiful Ferris wheel, which photographed beautifully both during the day...
 and also at night! Look at those purples.