Thursday, December 4, 2014

Day and night in the Magic Kingdom: Part 2

On our second day at Disney in October, we spent a full day at the Magic Kingdom, which meant we got to spend a lot more time covering all areas of the park. Here are some of the highlights of what we saw throughout. We once again started at the front of the park; while we were waiting to meet Minnie Mouse, I grabbed this photo of some of the Halloween scarecrows. How gorgeous are these colors?!

Very different weather for Day 2 versus Day 1! The colors were popping everywhere. It's such a gorgeous place!
I love this shot of my son while we waited in line for a ride.
We were fortunate to be able to make a reservation at Cinderella's Castle for dinner. I ordered their most popular dessert, and had to photograph it before eating. It was as delicious inside (mousse) as it looked!
The children each received these "wishing stars" - my mother in law held if up for me to create this shot.
We returned to the Magic Kingdom that evening for "Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party". The park was beautifully lit! Here is the view down Main Street to Cinderella's Castle, before the parade.
The parade was fantastic! We were located near the end, so it was easy to see everything because we weren't mobbed by people.
These dancers were fantastic!It was amazing to me how well they kept in character (look at the expressions on their faces!) even while spinning and dancing around.
After the parade there was still more show, with a light display/video playing across the Castle.

This was truly a magical day!