Sunday, November 30, 2014

Day and night in the Magic Kingdom: Part 1

At the beginning of October we spent 3.5 days at Disney, with the first 1.5 days in the Magic Kingdom. I went through my photos from the first day we spent there and pulled out a few of my favorites, highlighting my favorite shots taken during the afternoon (with quite cloudy skies, and some sun later on), as well as later that night.

 For Halloween, there are a number of decorations and special items placed around the grounds that are not there at other times of the year. This Princess Minnie statue in front of Cinderella's castle is one of them.

And speaking of the castle...I couldn't take enough photos of it. Here it is beautifully framed between some of the fall decorations near where I was standing, in the late afternoon sun.

And here it is when we walked back towards the Castle after dinner.

The final thing we did that evening was watch the Electric Light Parade. We were somewhat far away, and didn't have the best sight line, but I did get a few nice shots of some of the floats.