Friday, December 26, 2014

My extended family: holiday portraits | Outer Banks Portrait Photographer

I don't often post photos here that I'm in (as instead I'm normally the one behind the camera!), but this was a rather unique family photo shoot that I wanted to family!
We all met at the Outer Banks for Thanksgiving last month, and as we so rarely all have the chance to be together, I thought it would be nice to do a big family shoot. In addition to the group photo above, I also took photos of the different components that makeup our family. And despite it being a bit chilly, the overcast skies actually provided us with a very nice background!
My aunt with her daughters (my cousins).

My aunts and mother
Now with my dad added in
The four of us (my sister, mom, dad, and I)
This photo was a recreation of one that hung in my grandparents' house for many years. That photo was taken just about 40 years ago, in a park in NJ where they are all from. I need to try to dig it out so I can do a side-by-side comparison!
Now for us "younger" generation! Here are my cousins with their beaus.
My sister and I with our fellas
My sister and I

My aunt and her wife
My family (with our youngest generation included)

My sister with our parents, our beaus, and my kids
The four cousins
Everyone was such a great sport through this photo shoot - I was so glad that we were able to capture these moments together, after having such a lovely few days together for the holiday!