Friday, September 19, 2014

Practicing with a macro lens

At the end of August I was invited to one of my client's sites for a one-day meeting. I didn't have too much to do that day, just listen to the talks and see the facility. It turns out that the man who put the meeting together also enjoys photography, and had seen my site. He brought all of his gear with him, and gave me full license to play! He's got my dream camera (the Canon 5D Mark III), and wow was that fun to get to use! He also had a 100mm macro lens (the one that I really want to buy next), and in addition to taking photos on his camera, I put the macro lens on my camera to see how well it worked. I am definitely a  fan of this lens now, and wanted to share a couple of my favorite shots that I took while messing around.

This was my 85mm lens, hat I had sitting on the desk while using the 100mm lens.
 During a break I headed outside to see what there was to photograph, as the interior wasn't too exciting. I found some neat plants near the building and grabbed a few macro shots of them.

Now I know the next thing I am saving up for!