Monday, October 14, 2013

National Zoo: Animal Portraits

 I posted on my family blog about our most recent trip to the National Zoo with our friends. In addition to the great posts of the kids that I got, I of course took some animal portraits as well.

We were fortunate on this trip to see the orangutan's cross on the O-line, and I captured this shot of them kissing as we walked away.

 Then a visit to the Great Ape house to see the gorillas

 We spent a lot of time at the new elephant house. Don't these ladies look like they're gabbing?

 And the young cheetahs were very active when we stopped by, so we spent a while at the exhibit.
 This was the best shot I could get of the cloud leopard; thank you telephoto lens!
 We came across this pile of adorable otters. Seriously - a pile.
 My favorite animal of all! Love the red pandas.
 We were also fortunate that the male panda was out and about, as the female and cubs are still tucked away
 The lionesses were all sleeping when we arrived, but this beautiful lady woke up and posed nicely for me.
 I love the prairie dogs, partially because you can get so very close to them! This little guy was also loving to pose for me.