Monday, August 12, 2013

Weekly Photo Project: Another Win!

I've been remiss in keeping the blog updated with my submissions to the Weekly Photo Project, but something happened this week to make me remember - I won! For the week of August 4-11, my submission was chosen as the week's favorite. 

The photo was taken at the NJ Grounds for Sculpture; I have so many more wonderful photos from my trip there to share with everyone! I felt so lucky to capture this little one reading quietly under the statue; she never saw me, and I loved the moment. The selective color was a hard choice to make in the editing process, but I did like how it draws the eyes to the child, and apparently so did last week's winner, as she chose mine as the favorite. Very exciting! For this week, I chose the category "Pink". We've done a lot of other colors on here (red, green, blue, yellow, white), and everyone shies away from pink. Not me, it's my fave, so I'm hoping to challenge others to investiage it around themselves for this week as well!

And here are the catch-up photos from the past few weeks.
June 24-30: Balance.
I chose this photo for the symmetry and balance it displays.

July 1-7: BFF
We were on vacation this week, so I went with my parents' dog (left) and my dog (right). Getting them to pose for me was no easy task!

July 8-14: Blue
When "Blue" was chosen for this week, I knew I had to use one of the photos I took at sunrise. I think this one has to be my favorite from the entire week.

July 14-21: Spirits
Again, this was open to interpretation. I had taken this photo at a local dinner where I was the event photographer, and something about it made me really happy (mostly the colors, I think!). I think this sums up "spirits" quite well!

July 22-28: Waves
Again, with a recent trip to the beach, I had quite a few to choose from, but ultimately chose this one because not only did it show waves, but also my family (my dad, daughter, and husband).

July 29-August 4: Fruits & Veggies
This one was taken just after we returned from peach picking. I actually took it with my iPad, and it could not have come out more beautifully with my DSLR, I think! They just look so yummy.

Then, we're back to last week and my win! I love being a part of this project - I've made friends, seen so many amazing photos, and it's just been a great experience.