Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sunset on the Sound

To bracket my sunrise photos I took over the Atlantic Ocean, I took my family to the west side of the Outer Banks, over the Albemarle Sound, to photograph the sunset. 

The ospreys made for a particularly nice foreground.

I love photographing people in sunset light, and my kids were relatively accommodating for photos that evening. 
For this one, I used my Yongnuo external flash (attached to my camera) to light my daughter. The light did not scatter as much as I had hoped it would, creating this very stark white light on her face. With some editing, I'm happy with how it turned out!
The guys in my handsome!

Getting darker...

At this point, I needed to use the flash to fully light for portraits, but was able to better bounce the light using my speedlight and show off my daughter's beauty.
My husband then grabbed the camera to take a photo of me in front of the sunset.
And then another visitor to the pier volunteered to take a photo of the two of us...for once, a stranger taking our photo turned out nicely!