Monday, August 20, 2012

UVA shirt photo shoot

My friends and I had the idea while at the beach last month to dress all of our children in the same Virginia shirts and take some photos. Because one friend already had two orange shirts for the boys, we decided to do boys in orange and girls in white. All 7 children were quite cooperative, and let us get these great shots.

 My two little ones!
 Zabby & Natalie
 And we managed to get a couple of the four "middle" children (aged not-quite-two on the left through almost 3 on the right).

Beta got a few great shots as well that she let me put on my computer. Here are my favorites of hers...this one of Henry and Ellie is particularly amusing as the two of them tend to get into the most "scrapes" over toys. But they look cute next to each other here!
 Natalie, Zabby, and Katie (who was very content to relax in Zabby's arms!
 Natalie & Henry