Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Family portraits at the beach

On our very last night in the Outer Banks last month, I wanted to head down to the beach after dinner and take some photos at sunset. However, upon our arrival at the beach access we were told by people leaving the beach that the flies were really bad, so we chose not to venture all the way down. Instead, we stopped at the gazebo at the top of the dune and took some photos from there.
I set up my tripod for the first time and we took some family portraits.

I really like this photo above, although I wish that Henry wasn't in shadow. I did try to get a couple where he was on the other side of me, and in the sun, but they weren't fantastic either, so I'm sharing this one.

Grandma & Pop-pop with their grand kids
Me and my parents
I had no idea that Evan took these two photos with our point-and-shoot. They are the first photos I have of me involved in my photography!

Below is what I was taking a picture of when Evan snapped the above photo of me. How beautiful is that sunset?!