Monday, August 27, 2012

President Obama

On August 2, 2012, President Obama came to Leesburg as part of his campaign speech tour. It was insanely hot, poorly organized, and we were outside for about 4 hours waiting for a 30 minute speech...but despite all of that I'm really glad that I went - the man can give a fantastic speech, and we're happy to help support him in whatever way we can.

 The speech took place in front of Loudoun County High School - it was pretty impressive how many people they crammed into such a small space! And it did make for a very nice backdrop (see the photo below as well).
 The next two photos were taken with my basic kit lens, zoomed into 55mm. We were pretty close - he was about 15 feet directly in front of us.

 I then thought to try my telephoto lens. I wasn't sure how clear the photos would come out, given that I had to hold the camera high above my head to see over the onlookers in front of me. I'm really happy with them (I figured out how to hold the camera to get a good shot, despite not being able to see)!

 And finally, a shot at the end of the set. They staged everything very well!