Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Telephoto lens + condensation = art!

I encountered a "problem" while we were at the Outer Banks at the beginning of July that I had not yet experienced: because my telephoto lens was primarily kept inside of my camera bag, in the air conditioning, when I went to pull it out on the beach the lenses (internal and external) were covered with condensation! When I took the first few pics I saw that they were a little faded, but didn't realize the condensation was to blame; it was only on the second day I did this that I really noticed it. So, while the photos are faded/slightly blurry, I actually like how they came out - I like the slightly old fashioned feel!

Natalie playing in the surf
 My friend's daughter meditating before the ocean.
 Natalie in a similar pose

On our last night in the Outer Banks, I wanted to go back over to the beach as it neared sunset to take some photos. Unfortunately, the flies were so bad that people were leaving in droves, so we didn't make it all the way down, instead stopping at a gazebo on the ramp leading down to the beach. There I was able to take some photos of the beach, again using the telephoto lens (75-300mm). Over the 10 minutes or so I was using the lens the condensation did start to go away, but the photos still had this kind of washed out feel that I think is kind of fitting for the beach.

 This last one I did some post processing - I honestly don't remember now exactly what I did, but I think I warmed it up and used an HDR filter to sharpen everything. I like how it looks too - despite the processing, I don't think it looks over processed, and gives an old-fashioned feel as well.