Friday, July 27, 2012

Downtown Leesburg

A couple of weeks ago I met my friend Debra in downtown Leesburg to take some photos. She's an amateur photographer like myself, and we've been discussing doing something like this for a while. I was glad we finally had the time to spend a couple of hours walking around. We originally wanted to go into the "country" outside of Leesburg, but that was in the spring - we're now thinking we'll leave that until the fall when the leaves change, as that will make for more beautiful photos. For our first outing, we focused on the beauty of downtown Leesburg. Debra has a photography blog as well; if you want to see her photos, click here

I arrived a little early and took some photos of things that interested me while standing on the sidewalk. This is a finial on a window.
 For about 18 months now Leesburg has had a lingerie (and more) store that has been quite the controversy. While standing outside of the shop window, I saw this display and it was too pretty not to take a photo. I actually did a little post-processing on this, turning the entire photo black and white except for the shoe, as I think that makes the red heel pop.

After Debra arrived, we started walking. First up: Leesburg courthouse!

 We came across this "backyard" public garden and grabbed a few photos.
 Turns out that it's a rabbit haven, at least in the evenings! This was the first guy we spotted (I took this with my telephoto lens); there were 3 others that came out at while we were taking photos.
This was the house/business on the street (you can see another bunny on the lower right). The building is lovely, and I have no idea what type of tree that is, but it was really interesting!

 We left the garden to let the bunnies go back to their dinner, and while continuing to walk through downtown saw a few other private gardens we couldn't go into, but could photograph from outside.

On our walk we went to Market Station, which houses one of Leesburg's most famous (and fancy) restaurants: Tuscorora Mills. I love this building!
 And the last stop on our tour was an inadvertent stumble across this bridge, which is part of the WO&D bike trail. Very pretty!