Thursday, July 26, 2012

Beach Sky

We spent the week of July 4th at the Outer Banks, NC. I've got well over 600 photos from our 10 day vacation, so I'm trying to organize them as best as I can. One of the things I photographed during the week (when not taking photos of the kids!) was the sky.

On our first day in the house, a storm blew up in the afternoon (this continued to be a trend over the next week); we never actually got any rain, but we certainly got plenty of lightening and thunder! The clouds that blew past us were too pretty not to photograph.

While we were there we had a full moon. I think this was actually the night before the moon was completely full, but the effect of the clouds around the moon prevents it from being obvious that it's not full!
This photo was taken on July 4th - after all of the fireworks, the amount of sulfur and smoke in the air made the moon appear orange/yellow. I used my 300mm telephoto lens to take this photo, and by using the porch railing to rest my arms, I was able to capture it with minimal blurring without a tripod.
This was a sunset from late in the week, taken off of our back porch. I love the pink!
And finally, sunset from the beach on our last night in the Outer Banks.