Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Great Country Farms

Welcome back! Sorry for the long time in between posts, but I've been rather busy with some other things this month. Because of that, I haven't really taken many photos that would work on here. However, I do have some of the trip I took with my kids to Great Country Farms in Bluemont, VA; I posted earlier this week on my family blog the photos I took of the kids and the things we did. Here, I've got some of the more landscape/artistic ones that I took.

A shot of the barn/eatery with giant metal chicken. Who doesn't love a giant metal chicken?!

I love this shot of the tractor and surrounding hillsides.
We stumbled across this little gal while walking around the farm; she obliged us with a nice stretch, letting me snap this photo.
We encountered so many animals at the farm! This goose in particular was very inquisitive. He was on the other side of a fence from me, but came right up (i'm sure to check if I had any food; he was quite the glutton when I gave him some food later).
This beautiful peacock was housed with a peahen...since it's spring, I guess that means it's mating season! He would fan his feathers and shake them at her, turning to follow her around the pen. This let me snap a couple of beautiful shots!

There was a very cool water wheel/running water trough setup...the lines of the "maze" made for a really great photo.
Beautiful little pond with birds (and yes, that is my goose friend from earlier!)
We spotted this lake across from the parking lot and went to investigate it before leaving. So peaceful!
I pulled out my telephoto lens to take this shot (they were on the far side of the lake above).
Last but not least, my beautiful children taking a look at the scenery.
Such a beautiful setting! I love being able to get out into the country and take some great shots.