Thursday, September 8, 2016

WCDE Workshop | Dance Photographer

I went the entire summer without posting anything here! I thought at first it was because I simply hadn't taken many photos that I want to showcase here, but it turns out that really isn't true. So, it's time to get through my backlog of dance photos and family portrait sessions from 2016!

First up, photos I shot at the WCDE Workshop in February 2016. My daughter participated in the workshops during the day, and then her, her friends, and all of us moms stayed around to watch the competition. The primary dance company from Loudoun School of Ballet was competing, and from my spot near the back of the room, I was able to take a few shots that the instructors and students really liked. The lighting was incredible, which helped to make these photos really pop.

Their first dance was "Seize the Day" from Newsies.

The dance below, entitled "Mother" won quite a few awards, including helping to earn them "Best Technique". I absolutely love this dance - I've seen the girls do it at least 3 times at different shows. Absolutely stunning, and they perform it so well.