Wednesday, June 3, 2015

A birthday photo shoot | Leesburg VA Child Photographer

Last month my son turned 5. On that day, we actually scheduled our very own family photo shoot! This photographer has to get her own photos taken too, right? As much as I love photographing my little ones, I can't exactly be in those photos!

When we arrived for our shoot, the previous family was running a bit late, so we had some time to kill. In order to entertain my kids, and to get some shots of them while they were looking their best, I did my own quick photoshoot with them.

While it was Henry's birthday, I couldn't resist getting a shot of my beautiful daughter as well.
Or the two of them together. They are so wonderfully sweet with each other!

And how did our own shoot turn out? Blaire at Second Ave Photography, as always, did a fantastic job with our shoot. I love having such a wonderful photographer friend who lives so close by! Here are just a couple of my favorites that she featured on her Facebook page.
 She was even nice enough to take some new headshots for me! This one is currently my profile picture for my own photography Facebook page.
 Love, love, love both of these!