Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Weekly Photo Project: April 2014

Once again, I got to start off the month with a category of my choosing! I had just finished editing some photos from our trip to the Outer Banks earlier that month, and loved this photo below. Since I set up the photo to get the exact look I wanted, I came up with this topic.
March 31 - April 6: "Perfectly Posed"

April 7 - April 13: "Old"
For this week, I chose a photo I had also recently edited, from my trip to Brussels in March. This was the inside of one of the cathedrals we went into.

April 14 - April 20: "Skewed Perspective"
I took this photo on April 13, so it immediately jumped out to me for this topic! The angle, the focus being on my son's hand (both the photo's focus, and my son's focus)...all a bit "skewed" from normal.

April 21 - April 27: "Metal d'Art"
This was similar to my "object d'art" subject from the month before, but this time using something metal. I missed the deadline to be considered for favorite photo, but still submitted this one. The subject is a lawn decoration I have in my front yard, coated in ice after a storm in February 2014.
No win for me this month, but let's see where May takes me!