Sunday, April 20, 2014

Plum and pear blossoms

My street is filled with the loveliest plum trees; almost every single house has one in front. That means for about 10 days in April, the street not only looks beautiful, but it smells amazing as well! Unfortunately, my schedule combined with the elements such that most of the plum blossoms had blown away before I could get out and photograph them. On the plus side, the pear blossoms are now popping out, so just as one fades the other begins. I start here with the plum blossom remainders in my front yard.

 And then move onto the pear blossom trees belong to my neighbors. We used to have one of these in the front yard of our old house, so it's nice to still have them in the neighborhood.

 Today while walking about, the pear blossoms were beautifully backlit by the sun.
 Finally, I snagged a few photos of them outlined against the cloudy sky; this one is my favorite.