Monday, February 11, 2013

Winter at Balls Bluff Park

Yesterday I posted photos on my family blog of us hiking in Balls Bluff Park. In addition to those photos, I took some artistic shots - first of the snow in the woods (this screamed out to be converted to B&W)

 and of the snow and ice on the creek we walked over.

We then walked to the Balls Bluff Cemetery, which commemorates the fallen soldiers from the Battle of Balls Bluff (the first battle in Loudoun Co during the Civil War).

 Just past the cemetery is the overlook on to the Potomac River. From that vantage point it was difficult to get a nice shot of the river, but I do like this one below.
 Finally, my son was being carried by my husband on the walk back to our car. I was walking behind them and love this shot of his little boots.