Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Photography lesson in Charlottesville

About 3 weeks ago I spent two days in Charlottesville, VA - the weather was stunningly beautiful while there, and I took my camera with me in hopes of being able to get some photos taken. Luckily I was able to shoot at both UVA and on the Downtown Mall.

This first shot was taken on Observatory Hill behind the old nuclear reactor (I had a meeting there).
While walking to a couple of my appointments, I didn't have my camera with me but did have my phone. I snagged these two with the Camera+ app on my iPhone. Go Hoos!
 This is the "new" (to me at least - wasn't there when I attended) lake outside of the education school.
 That night, after finishing my visits, I grabbed my camera and walked to the Downtown Mall. I was meeting my friend Bill for a brief photography lesson and dinner. I snagged a couple of shots on the way; this little guy was obliging enough to pose for me!
 I saw this group performing - while they weren't fantastic (a bit Mumford & Sons-esque, but not as good), they were begging to be photographed in sepia. I'm really happy with how it came out!
 I then met up with Bill and we walked up near the courthouse to practice taking photos of this statue.
I have a number of photos from our practice session, but the one above is my favorite. Bill gave me a number of tips (including making sure the photo is as crisp and sharp as the one above!), and let me practice with his lenses and external flash (which I now very much want!). The lesson was very helpful; I've now learned a number of things I didn't know and have been trying to put it into practice.