Friday, October 19, 2012

National Arboretum

In early September we went to the National Arboretum in Washington DC. For photos of the kids and a few other things we did/saw, click HERE. It's very lovely; we didn't walk around very much; many of these photos were taken from the tram ride around the Aboretum.
This first is of the azalea gardens (which of course are not in bloom in the fall; we'll have to go back and see them in the spring).
 We drove past these columns (very Roman, in the middle of this field); they were beautiful from far away, but even more so up close!
 The columns used to be part of the Capitol Building; when it was redone a number of years ago, the columns were placed in storage, and eventually moved to the Arboretum (I don't remember what year this happened).

 Cypress trees
 I don't remember what type of trees these were (some sort of evergreens, I think).
 The one part of the Arboretum we spent time walking through was the National Bonsai Museum. I actually submitted the photo below to the Weekly Photo Project on Facebook for the following week for the category of "Simplicity". It didn't win, unfortunately, but I thought it fit the category well.