Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Outer Banks beach photos II

Last month we returned once again to the Outer Banks. Just before our trip I received my present to myself for having a good year at work - this lens, recommended by a friend. I hadn't really had a chance to play with it before the trip, so of course a couple of hours on the beach was a perfect opportunity to take some photos.
I posted on my family blog about the portraits I took; here are the scenery shots.

 That guy looks pretty relaxed, doesn't he?

 There was something about the colors and the empty life guard chair that spoke to me.

These two guys were running around nearby on the beach. Once I started taking photos, it was like they were posing for me! I used my 75-300mm lens, fully zoomed in, to capture this as I didn't want to get so close that I spooked them. 

There were a number of pelicans that flew by; I was able to snag a couple of shots with my telephoto lens. Sadly neither was as clear as I'd like, but I like each of these for different reasons (although I think I prefer the second).