Thursday, September 6, 2012

"Old" things

I think I've mentioned before on here that I'm part of a group on Facebook called "The Weekly Photo Project". I was invited in by a friend back in the spring; when I joined, there were only about 10 people in the group, and now with everyone inviting others in, we're up to about 70 people. The idea is that each week there's a new topic, and everyone submits a photo that they feel fits that topic. The person who chooses the topic picks their winner (based on whatever personal criteria they're looking for), and then that winner chooses the topic & winner for the next week. I've been participating since week 5; we're now on week 35. I've only failed to submit twice (once because I ran out of time, and once because I had no inspiration) - it's a lot of fun to see what everyone comes up with!

While at my parents in August, the theme for that week was "Old Fashioned".
I immediately had some ideas of things that I could photograph at my parents' house that fit that topic. First was a bell - a collection that used to belong to my paternal grandmother

In my parents' room they have this display of album covers over their bed. I think this fit the idea of "Old fashioned" quite well.

However, what ultimately took my fancy was this set of 6 paper-mache clowns that they've had for almost 40 years. They are technically Christmas ornaments, but they keep them up permanently hanging from a shelf in their room. I had just received my 50mm prime lens and decided to play around with it and depth-of-field to see what I could produce. I was somewhat happy with the results

 That guy in the front is kind of creepy, right?

 But unfortunately, I forgot the sync cable for my camera and couldn't get any of the photos transferred while there. This would mean I'd miss the submission deadline and not get to enter that week! So instead I took this photo below with the Camera+ app on my iPhone and submitted it. I didn't get chosen as the winner, but I was still very happy with the final result.