Monday, December 12, 2016

Ballet Dance Recital 2016 | Dance Photographer

Before 2016 ends, it's time for me to post photos from the 2016 Loudoun School of Ballet recitals. The ballet recital is beautiful, with dancers ranging from age 7 to 18. The later classes in particular are my favorites, as watching the graceful pointe dancers is so enjoyable.

First up: the non-graded ballet classes, ranging from young dancers to special groups (dancers who are also a part of the graded classes).
Beginning Ballet

Beginning-Intermediate Ballet
Pre-Teen Ballet
Protege: Ballet
Rising Stars Interns: Ballet

Now we get into the graded classes, starting with...
Ballet II
Ballet III
Ballet IV
Ballet V
Ballet VI
Ballet VII
Ballet VIII
Ballet IX
I have to note - this performance was one of the most beautiful things I have ever photographed. I'll be doing a post coming up on just this dance!
Ballet X